About Us

MILLER Architectural Corporation (MAC) is recognized as a leader in the Architectural Profession. During more than 31 years of professional practice, we have developed expertise in all phases of architectural planning and development. MAC, founded in 1986, is a California Corporation with Gary Miller as President/CEO. of MAC and operates from company owned facilities in Redlands, California; Murray, Utah; and Las Vegas, Nevada. The offices operate as one entity, each in support of the other. MILLER Architectural Corporation (MAC) takes pride in providing experienced design professionals with a diversity of talents that will match the needs of the client’s vision

The 31 year history of the firm provides for the required proven track record, continuity, financial stability and experience necessary for successful projects. Our practice is focused on servicing our clients’ needs and includes over 1,000 successful projects of all types.

MILLER Architectural Corporation (MAC) has established itself as a service oriented architectural firm with expertise in a broad range of architectural projects. Philosophically, MAC approaches each project with the desire to expeditiously service the client’s needs by developing the most efficient solution in terms of economics, aesthetics, and preservation of resources. The client is viewed as an experienced and knowledgeable member of the design team whose needs and opinions are valued as the most important criteria for design.


We design facilities with the understanding that the end user is a partner in the overall design of the facility and the end result indicates how strong this partnership was throughout the process. We believe that these individuals should have a strong voice in the facility they will eventually occupy.

We have not created our accomplishments alone. The process is collaboration between all key people involved in the project, including instructional staff, maintenance staff, steering committees and representatives of public agencies having jurisdiction over the project. We feel our track
record for successful projects is second to none.

Design Philosophy

  • Provide designs which are responsive to the program and function intended and within a comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • A record of imaginative, comprehensive expression in various disciplines.
  • The ability to provide technological and conceptual innovations.
  • Sensitivity to Architectural Design, taking into consideration the project requirements, as well as the aesthetics needs related to the surrounding environment and budgetary restraints.
  • Creativity in designing not only viable structures, but also a viable environment for the people who occupy and utilize them.
  • Dedication to energy conservation, value engineering, and life-cycle cost impact.
  • Familiarity with governing agencies, architectural and master plan elements, and the legal and institutional factors affecting a building program.

Our Services

With experience in nearly every building type commonly constructed the MAC staff offers a refined collection well rounded skills appropriate to the needs of your project. We offer creative and affordable design solutions to the physical facility needs of our clients. As part of your project team well will carefully seek to understand your goals, and apply our knowledge to accomplish them.

MAC places emphasis on our expertise and successful experience including:

  • Creative design to enhance the working environment
  • Knowledge and expertise in programming
  • Delivery of technology to meet information needs with provisions for the future
  • Quality control and accuracy of documents
  • Cost control during design and construction
  • Overall project management and communications
  • Delivery methods

Our experience includes new facility construction, extensive alterations and additions, historical restoration and preservation, modernization and renovations, commercial offices, site development, ADA compliance, and master planning.